The Environmental Management Department aims to provide advisory services, training, support, monitoring, and implementation of actions designed to direct the environmental management of organizations and environmental projects development. This Department offers the required services, knowledge, and experience to implement sustainable practices and in compliance with Costa Rican environmental regulations through its different institutions.

Companies and corporations

  • Corporate sustainability

  • Solid waste management programs

  • Environmental compliance

  • Environmental strategies

  • Environmental certifications (BAE, Carbon Neutral, ISO 14001, other)

  • SETENA Environmental Viability (Forms D1 and D1-C)

  • Chemical and Environmental Regencies

  • Paperwork (Ministry of Health, MINAE, SENARA, and others)


  • Characterization study and generation rates of municipal solid waste

  • Design of optimal municipal waste collection routes

  • Tariff study for solid waste management

  • Municipal Plan for an Integral Management of Solid Waste

  • Institutional Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

  • Forest inventory

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